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Koakuma Kanojo Episode 2 English Subbed

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Information 2 years AGO
Koakuma Kanojo Episode 2 English Subbed

Title: Koakuma Kanojo, zzzlist

Synopsis: Kizuke Okumura is a student in a magic school, he goes to school normally when his childhood friend Hibiki decides to propose that he use a position of love (which is actually a very powerful aphrodisiac), to conquer elena, a The popular school elf, is how Keizuke decides to put the aphrodisiac in a water bottle to share with Elena, Keizuke after hearing how thankful he was for helping her since she got to school. He regrets, so he takes the water with the aphrodisiac having an erection as an immediate effect ... to his surprise Keizuke, Elena proposes something that he least expected it ....

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