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Shoujo kara Shoujo e Episode 2 English Subbed

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Information 2 years AGO
Shoujo kara Shoujo e Episode 2 English Subbed

Title: Shoujo kara Shoujo e, zzzlist

Synopsis: Mia Obata suddenly arrives at Ryuuji's house with whom she has decided to marry, because her mother wants her to marry young, Ryuuji's childhood friend of Mia, he learns to marry her, Mia will use the perverted methods to convert him ... in the second story tells us about Takuma a young man who is inviting to dinner for Yuuki a housewife who begins to insinuate Takuma, Takuma does not stand the innuendo and goes with everything against yuuki, acceding immediately to his desires Of Takuma, however this will have consequensias in its preparation for the examination of admision, but it does not matter since Yuuki continues fulfilling the fantasies of Takuma ...

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